There are many cannabidiol (CBD) products being released every day from edibles to beverages, vape liquids, lotions, and so much more. Thanks to the numerous health benefits of this cannabinoid, many people are opting to try it. If you are looking to take CBD, one of the questions that may cross your mind is whether it will show up in drug tests. Despite the health benefits of BCD, no one wants risk failing a drug test and getting penalized or worse losing your employment.

If you are wondering whether using CBD will make you lose a drug test, the answer is no. Most drug tests are designed to detect the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the primary compound responsible for the psychoactive effects when you use marijuana. Today, most CBD products on the market are made from industrial hemp. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant which contains low levels of THC. Most hemp plants contain about 0.3 percent to 3 percent of THC. Due to the low level, it does not show up when you are tested. This is why taking CBD will not make you fail a drug test.

If you take a very high dosage of full spectrum CBD, there is a possibility that THC may be detected in your system. However, it is likely to be in very low amounts – below the cutoff level. Therefore, you’re likely to be safe. Studies show when you take a marijuana or hemp product, up to 90 percent of the THC in it leaves your body within five days. If an initial test picks up CBD in your bloodstream, you may be asked to come back for a more thorough test. Even then, you have nothing to worry about because the test is going to show that the THC level in your body is below the 50 ng/ml cutoff limit.

With that said, some tests can be used to check for the presence of CBD in the body. However, most standard drug tests do not include CBD among the substances that are tested for. One reason for this may be because unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. Instead, it can boost your health and well being. Many athletes are currently using CBD as it has been found to prevent muscle breakdown and contribute to faster recovery as well as reducing muscle pain and inflammation.

Generally, it pays to check how much THC is in any CBD product that you are using. Sometimes, a product labeled as CBD may contain high levels of THC because it is extracted from marijuana or made with cannabis oil. If you use such a product, you are likely to fail a drug test. If you can’t find the necessary information about a product online, feel free to request for information directly from the manufacturer. As a rule, stay away from manufacturers who are secretive about providing details about the product.

The fact is that the market for CBD products is relatively new so there are many questionable products out there. Therefore, you need to be very selective when buying CBD products. Only go for organic products that are extracted using the CO2 extraction method – especially if you are planning to ingest it.