As you know, there are countless CBD products on the market with varying flavors. And, as you may probably know, not all of these products are of the same quality. Disparities in the quality of different products are to be expected. The main question is what makes one product better than the other.

The purity of the hemp CBD oil that you use is important for obvious reasons. Health authorities have cautioned against buying sketchy hemp products. All the trustworthy hemp brands on the market have their products tested by a third-party company, and the results of these tests are made available online.

Another way to know a good brand is to find out where and how their hemp is grown. You can tell a lot about a brand by the source of their hemp. Most reputable brands do not buy their hemp from unknown growers in other countries. Instead, they use locally grown, organic hemp plants.

All these points were ticked when I discovered SunJoined’s Lemonade Full Spectrum hemp oil. This hemp oil is produced by some of the best hemp professionals in the United States. Unlike many other hemp companies around, SunJoined is not just a brand. SunJoined is a collective of hemp farmers, processors, manufacturers, and distributors. SunJoined provides a platform for these different professionals to exchange information as well as support and buy from one another.

Besides being a network of hemp farmers and processors, SunJoined is also a hemp brand. SunJoined has different products on the market, and one of them is its hemp CBD tincture oil. You can get this product with either Lemonade, Cannafresh, or Watermelon flavor. These oils contain full-spectrum CBD extract and MCT coconut oil. They all come with different cannabinoid concentration levels: 500mg, 100mg, and 1500 mg. You will get 16.67 mg of active cannabinoids per 1ml of the 500mg version, 33.33mg of active cannabinoid per 1ml of the 1000mg version, and 50mg of active cannabinoid per 1ml of the 1500mg version.

If you enjoy lemonade like me, then you should try the SunJoined full spectrum hemp oil with lemonade flavor. You can visit the SunJoined official website or its Facebook group page to learn more about this company and buy its products.